Gone to the beach


Heading towards Gullane – and lunch

Walking along the beach from North Berwick to Gullane, I felt as if I’d left something behind. When you’re used to walking with a rucksack, albeit a light one, it can feel strange to be without.

The East Lothian coast, with its rocky islands and ruined castles, makes an enjoyable and relatively undemanding change of scene from my usual haunts in the Lakeland fells.


Looking back to Fidra, with its lighthouse


The forested dunes at Jamie’s Neuk

Even though we walked only 6.5 miles, we felt fully entitled to a Sunday lunch of wiener schnitzel with a fried egg on top, buttery mashed potato and a beer, followed by strong coffee and a shared nut tart at the German bakery, Falko.


Falko on Gullane Main Street

We then compounded matters by returning to North Berwick and our lovely holiday cottage, rented from the superb gonetothebeach.co.uk, on the bus. But everyone deserves a rest now and again, don’t they?